Cute Hedgehog Finds Puppy Love With Dachshunds01:25

Published on September 9, 2016

MEET the unconventional and miniature family who will melt your heart. Dachshunds Maya, Peanut and Minnie the Hedgehog are one very happy family, whose antics are supervised by adoring owner Natasha Fernandes. Minnie is the oldest at four years and seven months. She is an African Pygmy hedgehog, which are bred as pets because they must be kept at a constant temperature to live and cannot survive in the wild. Maya joined the family in 2015 and Peanut, the baby of the family, was born on Valentine’s Day 2016. The trio have been delighting the internet with their antics since 2015 and they now have over 28,000 followers on their Instagram account @mayathesausage.